Q: How do I reduce the risks of rodents entering my home?

A: Make sure there is no possible point of entry for rodents:

  • Cut back any climbing vegetation that is as high as the roof and facia which can act as a ladder to your roof space for rats and mice.
  • Restrict entry points like airbricks, gaps around waste pipes and any other holes in the building with cement or the like or expanding foam.
  • Bristle strips can be used under ill fitting doors to prevent rodents gaining access to the building.

Q: I have pets in the house with fleas so what can I do?

  • Thoroughly vacuum all areas concentrating on carpet edges and where the pets sleep which can help remove flea eggs.
  • Immediately discard of the vacuum bag after this is done.
  • Treatment-Contact pest control technician to advise on treatment which will probably involve the use of a insecticidal spray.
  • Wash all pet bedding on a hot wash and any other places the pets spend lots of time.
  • Ask your vet to recommend a flea treatment programme to prevent re-infestation in the future.

Q: I suspect that I have a wasps nest as I am seeing lots of wasps in a certain area.

  • Wasps make nests in wall cavities, bushes ,roof spaces and even holes in the ground like rabbit burrows so you may not actually see the nest just lots of activity
  • A wasp sting can result in anaphylactic shock in some extreme cases and as some nests could house up to 25,000 individuals it is advised to contact a pest control technician to locate and treat and in most cases remove the nest

Q: I am getting lots of flies in and around the house and its always around September onwards.

A: This sounds like this could be a cluster fly problem.

  • Cluster flies start to enter buildings in large numbers from September onwards and can be found in roof spaces and south facing buildings are favoured.
  • The roof space could be treated with a smoke generator or similar after checking water tanks are sealed and covered and there are no bats in residence.
  • Also window frames cracks and crevices can be treated with a residual insecticide to control and prevent flies clustering in the windows and shutters.

Q: How to reduce the risks of ants invading your house in the summer…

  • Ants usually enter buildings when foraging for food especially sweet foods so keep any spillages down to a minimum and keep food away in sealed containers and in cupboards
  • Special attention should be paid to likely entry points including airbricks, door frames and waste pipes
  • A suitable insecticide may be used at this point