» Mice

The most common mouse is the house mouse. The fur colour varies between light brown and grey and the body length varies between 60-90mm – the tail can add an additional 100mm! Often the droppings are black and between 3-6mm long.

» Pigeons

Pigeons are most prevelant in cities, particularly London. The Feral Pigeon is uniquely adapted to life in cities because it can roost and breed in the spaces provided by its buildings, and survive on the foods available to it in an urban environment.

» Fleas

Adult fleas are normally 1-4mm long, brownish in colour, without wings but with powerful legs adapted for jumping and piercing, sucking mouthparts.

» Bed Bugs

There are two main types of bed bug. The most prevelant is the Common bed bug, found in homes, hotels, offices and so forth. Common bed bugs are oval wingless insects, approximately 5mm long, with six legs and two antennae.

» Cockroaches

The pest no one wants to meet! There are various species of cockroach found in the UK, but the most common are the German and Oriental cockroach.

» Ants

There are many varieties of ants, but the black garden ant is the most common and found in most parts of the country.

» Rats

The common Norway or brown rat typically has brownish fur on its back and grey underneath but its colour can vary from white through to black. Adult body length is 200 – 270mm plus a tail length of 150 – 200mm.

» Wasps

All wasps found in the UK, with the exception of the hornet, are very similar with black and yellow bands on their body and two pairs of wings.

» Casual Intruders

The casual intruder which includes Woodlice, Rove Beetle and Ground Beetle.

» Cluster Fly

Cluster flies are found throughout the UK. Their common name refers to their habit of forming clusters when hibernating.